Associates3 Web Site

Associates3 has a very distinct personality and wanted that to come across in their web site. They wanted to showcase their work well but also their approach to the work which is what truly sets them apart. Wigwam Creative met with them and got to know their distinct personality. Next, we echoed back, in visual form, their personality that we got to know. Once we were all satisfied with how their personality was being represented visually, we set to the task of designing and creating a site that showed off who they truly are and what they produce.

We came up with a concept of using the 4 elements: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire which represented Community, Inspiration, Nurturing, and Communication to describe A3. We also wanted to highlight the A3 team which is what truly makes them special. So we spent a few days photographing the team both their work personality and the things that make them unique which is what we used on the site.

Near the end of the web site development phase, we all regrouped to take a step back and look at what we were about to put out into the world. The team felt that there was just something missing so we went back to the drawing board to find some design elements that were uniquely A3 to bring into the site. This process resulted in the phrase “yes, that feels like us!”

A3′s web site now showcases their beautiful work well and establishes their personality and expertise as the ones who, literally, wrote the book on green and sustainable interior decorating practices. We’re most proud of the project because we feel like we were truly able to capture the personality, work, and spirit of Associates3.

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