Urban Almanac


Laurie Smith, a professional photographer and Erica McNeish, a professional food stylist came to Wigwam Creative for help with a food blog they were looking to start. Well entrenched in the Colorado locovore scene, they wanted to highlight locally grown or raised food.

Wigwam crafted their logo, focusing on…

We designed the food blog to showcase both Laurie’s photography and Erica’s food skills. The photography is featured by a full-screen cover photo and a filmstrip of all of Laurie’s photographs which allows her to showcase all her work without making visitors endlessly scroll through all her photos related to the article.

The blog also features a recipe section for Erica’s food using the local food featured. All the recipes are displayed as a recipe card to keep the local, personal feel to Erica’s food.

We then created an e-newsletter to let subscribers know when the latest edition is out.