Our Process

We believe that focusing on what we’re building is as important as how we build it. Many other agencies pass quickly through the early stages of a project and get straight to development work. Often these projects end with a final outcome that doesn’t quite fit the needs of the client.

We spend adequate time and energy in collaboration, discovery, and planning out projects which makes the building phase more effective and the final outcome match the needs of our clients. Our process involves several phases: Discovery, Planning, Building, Testing/Revisions, and Success. Following is an outline of each phase.

Purpose & Offering connects with Needs and ValuesDiscovery

In this phase, we spend time getting to know you and your needs, setting the goals of the project and determining the project’s timing and priorities. We’ll also do some design discovery, determining the look and feel of the project while still having the freedom to get visual feedback before launching into more built-out designs.


The planning phase has a goal of providing a way for everyone to be able to sign-off on what we’re building. Depending on the project, this might come in the form of an annotated wireframe. This is a document that is much like an architect’s blueprint showing what will be on each page or element of a site. Along with that, we’ll have notes detailing any requirements or functionality. We find this to be a document that allows us to show specifics but also get a visual feel for the end-result.


Here, we’re building out the product. This includes creating complete designs based on earlier visual feedback as well as creating the final product (coding the site, creating the brand elements, etc.). We’ll have questions throughout this phase but we also should have enough conversations and documentation to get us through to the testing phase.

Feedback Loops

The earlier phases will have gotten us pretty close to the end result but we find that changes are usually made once we all see the functioning site. The final phase is all about honing in the project and allowing for tweaks to get everything just right. We have been a part of other agencies that stop at the end of the building phase and then have a frustrating deployment process as the client finds things that just aren’t what they’d like it to be. We want to allow time to tweak those things and make sure everyone is happy when we go live.


Our final phase is a period of time where we work with the client to ensure what we’ve created is meeting the clients’ needs. It might be evaluating the success of brand implementation. It could mean evaluating how we’re drawing people to a newly-built website (creating a digital marketing plan, evaluating search-engine optimization, etc). Whatever the project is, we want to make sure that it is accomplishing the goals we set out for it at the beginning of the project.