About Wigwam Creative

Wigwam Creative is a design and digital agency that works to understand clients’ needs and help them present themselves to the world through many types of media. Our goal is to listen to and get to know our client’s purpose, goals, values, and offering and then make them known to the world so that they can be known and understood. At our core, we believe in the power of authentic connections that happen when there is synergy between the values of an organization and its clients.

Our Offerings

Our beginnings started with the desire to merge design-thinking and branding with high-quality digital capabilities so that the message can be the focus, not the medium. We strive to provide the right creative solution to our clients to achieve their goals whether it be branding, print collateral, a website, mobile app, video, photography, in-store experience, etc. Read more about our services.

A Human-Centered Approach

Our approach to problem-solving is to start with those that we’re solving the problem for. We like to take time to listen to our clients’ customers as well as our client. Through conversations, interviews, and surveys, we can make sure that the visual message we’re trying to communicate truly connects with its intended audience. We’re not out to win awards for ourselves, our client’s success is our main goal. Learn more about our process.

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