We have a lot of experience with creative services so there’s a lot that we can help you out with. We also have an extensive network of creatives that we partner with. Basically if it’s a creative service, chances are we can help you out. We have a list of specific services that we tend to do for clients.

Branding and Messaging Services

We believe that a proper foundation to any communication is to understand who you are and to be able to clearly communicate that to your customers. Wigwam believes that we are most successful with clients who understand who they are and the services they offer but they may not have a clear way of communicating that, both visually and with copy, to their customers. We offer services to create underlying branding and messaging that can serve as the basis for all other communications such as a website, advertising, branding,  email campaigns, social media, etc. Following are a set of services we offer:

  • Brand Overview/Strategy Guide
    The brand strategy guide provides basic brand positioning (where does your brand fit within your competition), brand messaging (key copy that articulates who you are to the world), mood boards to show tone of imagery and video, company manifesto (includes vision statement and set of core beliefs/values)
  • Visual Identity & Brand Standards
    Visual identity includes a logo and related visual assets (patterns, icons, other supporting graphic elements). The brand standards guide is a document describing how to use your brand system. This is to be used internally or shared with vendors to make sure your brand is used in a consistent manner.
  • Naming
    We have specific process to help name your company or organization. This is a highly collaborative process and, as such, is difficult to determine pricing. We don’t quit until we get the name right.

Digital Services

  • Website
    We create custom sites built on top of the WordPress platform. Our work involves careful planning outlining, design, development, and deployment of a brand website.
  • Email Campaigns
    We design, develop, send, and monitor email campaigns.
  • Mobile App Development

Content and Media Creation

  • Content Marketing & Copywriting Services
    Wigwam can provide copywriting services for content marketing in the form of blog posts, linked-in posts, etc.
  • Photography
    Wigwam provides photography services, specializing in food photography, product photography, and portraits for team / employee photos.
  • Video
    Wigwam provides video services for product or app videos, sizzle videos (i.e. company overview videos), social media, etc.
  • Illustration and Animation

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Posting / Engagement
    Wigwam provides services to post to social media and manage likes and other forms of engagement with customers and potential customers.
  • Digital Ad Segmentation and Placement
    Wigwam can help define audience segmentation and place online advertisements. Cost based on audience size, platform, and desired reach.