A sampling of websites, mobile apps, and social media

Wigwam Digital Work


Wigwam helped Associates 3 capture the high-end nature of their work while also conveying the personality and personal touch of each designer. This project included website design and development and team photography.

…Wigwam was dedicated to identifying our firm’s aesthetic and ensuring that our unique voice was captured digitally in a personal, human way…masterful in how they listened to our (many) ideas and how they gracefully offered ways to make them even better for a final product that we love

Amy DePierre, Marketing & Sustainability Leader, Associates III

The team section on the website features a rollover image with some element of the designers personality.


Wigwam created a website for Ironton to match the branding and packing that we created for them. It was fun bringing in details like the seal label and topographic map from the bottle labels into the site elements.


Epicurean needed a site that was easy to update, and also looked great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Wigwam did food and team photography for the website.

Curated App: A city guide app for the creative-minded traveler

Wigwam Creative developed the Curated app for AIGA to be a city guide app for the creative-minded traveler.

Fitzsimons Innovation Community Website

Wigwam Creative partnered with Tryba Architecture and Mortenson Construction and Real Estate Development to develop a website that promotes the Fitzsimons Innovation Community.

I Rise Above Youth-Sponsored Website

Wigwam worked with a group of twenty youth leaders to help their vision of a website they could use to promote strengths-based, healthy lifestyles among their peers.