Authentic Human Connection Through Social Media

Can authentic connection be made through your company's social media?

Larson kids complaining in the rain Sam and Cora camping at Twin Lakes ColoradoI posted the photo on the left a few years back of my children camping on Instagram. My inner motivation was to let my wife know what a rockstar dad I was for taking our kids camping while she was away on a trip. It’s totally staged but to the world, life looks perfect for the Larson family.

Reality? Well, that’s the other photo. The one where it’s raining the entire time and the kids are driving me nuts with their complaining.

Am I being authentic?

Every once in a while I start to feel inauthentic with what I do for a living. I want to help brands and companies form real connections with their customers but it’s easy to manipulate marketing to selectively show only what we want people to see. That can’t be real connection.

I’m not suggesting companies should post videos of office in-fighting or let the world know when cash flow is tight. I do think, though, that companies can be more honest about addressing struggles they have that others might have too. Creating connections over fears and frustrations can be deeper than drinks or rounds of golf.

Telling the whole story

The best stories have conflict: a real struggle to overcome. If your brand is going to have a compelling story than there must be a struggle to overcome. We’re suggesting you find ways to let others into your honest struggles on social media and then allow them to watch you triumph. Or better yet: you may find a community to work together through that struggle.

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Pete Larson -Director of Digital Strategy + Principal

Pete has 18+ years of experience concepting and delivering digital products or experiences to successful brands. He's passionate about helping brands establish authentic online presences that flow from their company's core purpose.

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