Wigwam Creative – a denver-based strategic communications, branding, and interactive agency


The day is filled with countless messages all battling for attention. We’ll find a way for yours to stand out.

Visual Identity · Naming · Packaging
Standards & Guidelines · Brand Story

Visual Communication

We create work to fit your brand that’s yours and yours alone. Work based on an idea that’s clear, effective and memorable.

collateral · advertising · presentations
environmental design · annual reports


Though the digital world changes constantly a good idea always comes through. We seamlessly integrate your brand into the digital space.

Web sites · Email marketing · Microsites
Mobile Apps · Digital Reports

Designers, developers, dreamers, and doers

Charles Carpenter

Visual Strategist
A rural, pacific northwesterner, Charles thinks in pictures and connects dots others may not see. He thinks a good brand has to be felt in the gut to leave a positive impression.

Russ Chilcoat

Chief Design Officer
A creative thinker, this Oklahoman knows that if it doesn't look right, people won't get it. Distinctive, polished, and memorable brand building is all part of Russ' M.O.

Pete Larson

Digital Architect
A world traveller, Pete brings insight to how a site is built. You can't just master code, you have to question why you do what you do to make it an effective site.

Harikrishnan Panicker

Illustrious Storyteller
A true craftsman, he can create infinite possibilities from scratch. Hari brings original thought to brand design and illustration.